Project: Bonus room addition
Goal: More space+master retreat
Name: Baughan family
Architect: Miller Nicholson, AIA
Project Completed: 2005

Bonus room bonus.

What's the old saying, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."? One guaranteed way to make sure Momma's as happy as a termite in a woodpile is to give her a place to relax and unwind. Enter Hopedale Builders.

Because of the small-ish yard, Hopedale made the decision to maximize the addition by not only going behind the house for the increased space, but down. By putting the bonus room and additional bedroom partially below grade, the Baughan family was able to add much-needed space for a phenomenal master suite on the main level. Complete with rain-soaker shower heads and subtle grey and white marble, the master suite is indeed the retreat they were hoping for.

Is Momma happy now? Umm, yeah!

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