Project: Exterior remodeling
Goal: Add life to a dated exterior
Name: Phillips family
Architect: Miller Nicholson

Back to the Future.

The 70's gave us some pretty cool things like disco, pet rocks and platform shoes. It also gave us some housing design trends like avacado appliances and cantilevered second floors that haven't fared so well. If you happen to be like the Phillips family, you want your contemporary style to match on the outside as well as the inside of your home, so when it was time to update their outdated exterior, the Phillips family called Hopedale Builders. On the wish list? New entryway, new siding, and please can we bring the exterior into 2012!

The challenge was how to hide a rather clunky cantilever and make it seamlessly integrate into a new entry. Hopedale accomplished that by incorporating metal roofing with a covered-porch that set the stage for a smoking new look. A series of large decorative custom brackets helped balance the weight of the new soffit and added another layer of detail and interest.

Add stylish bronze gutters, functioning shutters, Hardi plank siding and top it all off with new paint and the house was transformed from a dated 1970s house to an elegant home. Has anyone seen my 8-track of Saturday Night Fever?

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