Project: Deck, primary with closet, kids' bath
Goal: Cool down the porch, update the bathrooms
Name: Barton Residence
Architect: Karen G Barton

Porch Potential Realized

The Barton family loved their porch, most of the year, anyway. In the summer it was just too hot out there to enjoy entertaining friends, watch a ballgame, or have a good old fashioned cookout. The Hopedale team demoed the existing porch, then built a new partially covered porch, complete with a big screen TV tuned into their favorite sports network. Next, we tackled two outdated bathrooms (which were the pinnacle of chic in 1972) with new sleek and sophisticated fixtures and tile, including glass wall tile, a frosted glass shower door, and privacy wall for the master shower. Things are now much cooler at the Barton home, inside and out.

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