Top Questions to Ask Your Charlotte, NC Home Remodeler

Top Questions to Ask Your Charlotte, NC Home Remodeler

The moment you decide you are ready for a remodeling project, it’s a good time to start looking for a contractor. Of course, you will have a lot of construction questions, and the right contractor for your home in Plaza Midwood depends on the answers. If you’re not sure what to ask or how to get the information you need, you’re not alone. With these tips, you will have a list of questions to help you start a conversation.

What Are Good Questions to Ask a Contractor?

When you’re excited about your remodeling project in South End, it’s easy to rush into the first contractor meetings without a lot of preparation. Of course, you need the information to make a good decision. To ensure that you get the answers you need, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask a contractor.

1. What Is Your Experience With My Project?

The first thing you want to establish is that the contractor can do the work you want. Most remodeling companies have a specialty, even if they don’t advertise it specifically. Some work exclusively with historic renovations, while others prefer to follow the most recent design trends. Describe your home in Matthews and the project you have in mind, and ask for examples of previous projects the contractor completed.

2. Do You Have a Portfolio?

Sometimes it’s hard to create the image of the project using just words. Pictures of existing projects can help. In the beginning, it’s a great idea to ask for access to a portfolio of photographs of completed projects. Focus on projects related closely to yours, and look at as many examples as you can. You can use this information to help describe what you’re looking for in your Southpark home. The gallery also gives you confirmation of the contractor’s style. If you like what you see, that’s a good thing. If it seems all wrong, it may not be the right fit.

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3. Who Is the Point of Contact for the Project?

For the duration of the project, you need to know who will be the point of contact. This is the person you call with questions, concerns, project updates, and more. While you’re asking about communication, it’s wise to request more information about the contractor’s communication preferences. Some send regular updates via email, while others are happy to text. Get the details in advance and make sure that they work for you. That way, you always know that your Dilworth home is in good hands.

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4. How Do You Handle Estimates?

The price may be one of the most important aspects of your decision, so it’s a good idea to ask about the contractor’s process for creating an estimate. It’s possible and even likely that you won’t come away from the initial consultation with a full, detailed estimate. Estimates that cover all the details often come near the end of the design process. It’s common to pay a separate fee up-front for the design, with the expectation that it may be applied to the total cost of the project.

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5. How Will I Get Project Updates?

Since many remodeling projects take a few months at a bare minimum, you’ll want to get regular updates about the project. Some contractors use an application or service that allows you to see updates in real-time. Others might plan to send you updates on a regular basis, or upon request. Get a feel for the schedule each contractor follows, and determine if it will work well with the way that you would like to get updates.

6. What Is the Estimated Finish Date?

In most cases, your contractor will set aside a specific time for your project. That time depends on the type of project, its expected length, and the other projects on the contractor’s schedule. During the initial consultation, be sure to ask about availability and a rough estimate for a finish date. If you have a specific time by which you need the project to be complete, it’s important to state it at the beginning. Be sure to give a few weeks for unexpected delays.

What to Look For When Hiring Contractors?

During the first meetings, there are a lot of things that you will be looking for in a contractor. Look for these qualities in particular:

  • Experience in your project
  • Current licenses and insurance
  • Responsive communication
  • Pays attention to your needs
  • Puts important details in writing

It’s important to listen to your gut. Getting a good feeling from a contractor doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the perfect fit for your project, but it’s a good sign. On the other hand, if you have bad feelings like frustration or nervousness after a meeting, that may indicate that the contractor is not the right fit.

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What Information Should I Get From a Contractor?

Before the end of the initial meeting, you’ll want to get information from your contractor questions. Follow this checklist:

  • Qualifications
  • Licensing and insurance
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Contact information and preferences
  • Process for estimating

At Hopedale Builders, we take pride in helping our clients find a remodeling company they can trust. Contact us to schedule a consultation.


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