Problem: Shower pan leak and an unused dysfunctional tub

Solution: Created a space for an attractive soaking tub and added cabinetry storage

Project: Primary bath renovation

Name: Flynn Residence

Designer: Hopedale Builders

Seizing Opportunity, Achieving Success 

Every problem is an opportunity — if you look at it the right way. Take for example the Flynns, our clients for this primary bathroom remodel. They could have seen their leaky shower pan as simply another problem to fix, another headache they’d rather not deal with; but instead, with the knowledge and skills of Hopedale Builders at their behest, they saw possibility. And what started out as a vinyl shower pan leak repair soon grew into a complete bathroom remodel!

The upgrade was long overdue. When Hopedale Builders entered the scene, the Flynns’ bathroom was dominated by a dark, cavernous shower and a seldom-used dysfunctional tub that took up about 30% of the total floor space. So, when it came to drawing up a new design, we decided to go for something bright, elegant, and luxurious — qualities the Flynns desired, yet their old bathroom lacked. 

Their old bathroom did have one gorgeous saving grace, though: five opaque antique leaded windows. Having been used in interior design for thousands of years, these leaded windows convey a finely-aged sophistication and grandeur — an effect we wanted to emphasize with our bathroom remodel. The windows also let an enormous amount of light into the space… and the opaque glass makes the view look like a softly blurred blue-green impressionist painting…

Sorry, I’m getting distracted. But can you blame me? Those windows are to die for! 

With the new bathroom design, our clients wanted to accentuate the elegance naturally added by the leaded windows. So, they went for a timeless all-white look with accents of black, gray, and brown. From there, we installed shiplap along the lower portion of the back wall, which adds a textural and linear element to the design while highlighting the freestanding tub. 

Replacing the tub, which was located against the leaded windows proved to be one of the biggest challenges we faced on this project. The tub itself was monstrous, old, and located on the second floor making it difficult to remove and replace; it wasn’t optimal, but we came up with a creative solution. Rather than carry all our equipment and tools — plus the new free-standing tub — all the way through the house and up the stairs, we erected a temporary exterior staircase that led directly to the second floor through the bedroom window. This kept us from doing damage to the interior and disrupting the homeowner, who worked in the house during the remodel. 

We had plenty of space once the old tub was out of the way and we opted to turn the area into storage, giving the Flynns ample room for towels, personal care products, and more. The stained alder wood on top of the storage, mimicked by the wooden mirror frames, infuses the room with warmth; while the matte black metal fixtures, semi-framed shower enclosure, and gray-black tiles imbue depth and contrast. 

To continue our motif of elegance, we tore out the Flynns’ old closed-off shower and created a bright, open, and spacious replacement. Our clients chose subway tiles for the walls — a classic bathroom look — which, in conjunction with the hexagonal tile floor, creates visual interest in an otherwise all-white structure.

Add a textured rug, vintage-inspired light fixtures, a few decor items here are there, and voilà; this Queen City bathroom remodel was complete. Today the Flynns are living it up in their new bathroom and we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to bring their dream bathroom to life. So, here’s to this stunning bathroom and, more importantly, the Flynns! We hope you’re enjoying a soak in your new tub or an extra-long luxurious shower…getting ready for the day at your matching his-and-her vanities…gazing out those beautiful windows… 

Okay, I’m getting off-topic again, but seriously enjoy the view — and the rest of the bathroom too! 

Oh, and one last thing: if you’re daydreaming of a bathroom (or kitchen, custom addition, or custom home) as gorgeous as this one, visit our portfolio for more information or get started with Hopedale Builders today. 

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