Project Location: Dartmouth Place
Building Type: Kitchen Remodel 
Renovation Style:  Transitional / Modern
Features:  Micro Shaker cabinet door 

Small But Mighty: A Compact Kitchen's Transformation

In the heart of Charlotte, a kitchen transformation by Hopedale Builders stands as a testament to the perfect blend of modern design and classic elegance. This kitchen remodel, tailored to maximize storage in a compact space, showcases the expertise of Hopedale Builders in creating spaces that are both functional and stylish.

This kitchen remodel successfully marries the clean and transitional design styles with carefully selected finishes and features. The backsplash, a stacked horizontal white ceramic subway tile extending from counter to ceiling, adds a bright, clean backdrop, highlighting the kitchen's modern elements. The commercial range, the modern style of the freestanding island, and the large Edison bulbs give the space an industrial chic aesthetic that's softened by the elegant navy blue and the transitional style of the Micro Shaker style cabinets. Complementing this are white oak floating shelves, adding a touch of warmth and practicality.

A panel-ready refrigerator, blending seamlessly with the cabinetry, offers continuity in kitchen design and imparts a sophisticated feel. This choice reflects the growing trend in modern kitchen designs in Charlotte, where appliances are seamlessly integrated into the overall aesthetic.

A key feature retained was the original breakfast nook built-in, which was expertly refinished. The wet bar area was given a distinctive touch with fluted cabinet doors, adding texture and interest to the space.

The primary goal was to update the kitchen with modern yet classic finishes, ensuring plenty of storage within a limited area. This kitchen remodel by Hopedale Builders not only met but exceeded the expectations of the homeowners. The project's success lies in the thoughtful blend of modern and classic elements, creating a space that is both functional and stylish.

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