Project: Major Remodeling
Goal: Increase spaciousness. Decrease yuck factor.
Name: Meier Residence
Designer: Charlotte In-Vironments / Architect: Karen G Barton


The Meier family had to look no further than the house next door when they decided they needed more space to stretch their legs. This house just so happened to be a rental home owned by none other than Hopedale's very own Brett Taylor. While the location was incredible and the schools were great, when it came to curb appeal and useable space this little rental house was what you might call 'Charming' or maybe even 'Cozy'. We all know what that means, so after the Meiers were able to convince Brett to sell the house, the first thing they did after closing was to begin remodeling. And they knew just who to call.

Hopedale Builders began by completely reorganizing the previously cramped floor plan to open up choppy spaces and to allow a natural open flow to become reality. The existing house received a sparkling transformation and now boasts an in-law suite with new bathroom, along with a fabulous kitchen and a sun room with an unbelievable view of the property. A second floor was added for the bedrooms, allowing the downstairs to gain interior square footage and openness.

Last on the list was a facelift for the front of the house complete with standing seam metal roof and bold entry that told all the neighbors 'Hello world, I'm not wearing Mom-jeans anymore.'

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