Problem: Teenager is outgrowing the house.

Solution: Build them their own hang-out space!

Project: Residential Detached Structure

Name: Morgart Residence

Architect: AB Architecture

The Perfect "Mini Me".

Our client wanted to create a comfortable space for their teenager to hang out with friends without upsetting the rhythm of the main house. It would also serve as a home office, guest house, or an in-law’s apartment. The owners considered an addition, but they realized a “mini-me” was the most functional, historically appropriate, and least disruptive solution.

This cute cottage is tucked away perfectly in the small backyard, surrounded by beautiful landscaping, almost mimicking an old carriage house.

It includes a kitchenette, living space, full bath, and loft.

One challenge was that the main house - built in the 1920s - is historic and, therefore, the new structure would have to meet Historic District Commission’s criteria. Cedar shakes and trim, such as sill-nosing, would have to match the existing house. Finishes would need to make it look as if the new structure could have been built with the original.

The finished project is the perfect getaway guest house that can serve multiple functions. Our clients were overjoyed!

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