Problem: Add a spacious, stylish back porch to a classic 1920s home without compromising its historic charm.

Solution: Integrated Brazilian wood decking, and introduced large columns to craft a Carolina porch that respects the home's 1920s origins.

Project: Porch Remodel

Name: Mt. Vernon Covered Porch Remodel in Dilworth

Retro-Meets-Ritz: A Dazzling 1920s Charlotte Home Gets a Modern Covered Porch Remodel

Adding onto a century-old home can be a delicate, and maybe even an intimidating, endeavor. After all, you don’t want to be lumped in with all those misguided homeowners who create an addition that distracts from the charming history of the original home. So, how do you boldly-but-tastefully add a large back porch onto a quaint 1920s home in Dilworth, North Carolina? First, you hire a design-build firm with the experience to pull it off and an architect with the know-how to navigate the historic home remodeling process.

The homeowners teamed up with Don Duffy Architecture to get the plans and details while Hopedale Builders executed these plans and matched existing finishes to meet the historic guidelines.

To call the exterior addition a ‘porch’ doesn’t do it justice. This substantial outdoor living and gathering space was created using both exquisite skill and materials. The Brazilian wood decking, for example, will last the family decades. Ipe, also known as Brazilian walnut, is one of the hardest known woods and is compared to the density and hardness of concrete. It’s also naturally weather proof. 

The generous hang out space that the back porch offers is surrounded by large columns that extend all the way to the ground, which is a style coined rain porch or Carolina porch. The added overhang afforded by the set back columns adds protection from frequent southern rains, thus its name. Each of the columns is made up of nearly twenty pieces that were crafted on site and installed with copper caps. Set just inside of the columns is a custom metal railing that wraps the porch in a darker tone that’s stylish but doesn’t take attention away from the space itself. 

As with most remodels, Hopedale Builders had to use a bit of creative problem-solving to complete this fantastic addition. To avoid disrupting the everyday lives of the homeowners, Hopedale put up temporary walls in the basement below to access the backyard throughout construction. 

Now, the family can enjoy their view of the gorgeous Charlotte skyline right from their porch and invite friends and family over for celebrations and weekend hangouts. Hopedale Builders is ready to tackle any addition, indoor or out, to bring more joy to your everyday life. Contact Hopedale Builders to discover what a remodel can do for your life at home and schedule a consultation.


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