Problem: Dark and dated kitchen with limited functionality

Solution: Brighten it up with more natural lighting and wood, bright blue cabinetry, and more open space by relocating the pantry.

Project: Kitchen renovation

Name: Murphy Kitchen Renovation

Designer: Sara Scott with Tailored Designs

There's No Time Like the Present

When do you know it’s time to remodel your kitchen? Probably after the tenth time you hear yourself describe it as a cave. That’s how these homeowners felt about their dark and dated kitchen before Hopedale Builders came in to brighten the place up using powder blue cabinetry, bright Enigma quartz countertops, and natural white oak. We brought the outside in by flooding the space with sunlight and using natural wood. The designer also opened up the space and added tons of storage by relocating the cellar staircase to the pantry. 

As for that flawless transitional aesthetic, the designer mixed several styles in one place so seamlessly, you’d have to be a pro to point them each out. Luckily, that’s why we’re here. Did you notice the modern shaker cabinets in the coastal farmhouse tones of bright blue and sandy white oak? How about the classic international style of the Parisian bar stools or the Italian range? We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the industrial chic pendant fixtures hanging above that enormous white oak island with a farmhouse porcelain sink and old-world balustrade legs. 

This remodel couldn’t have gone more smoothly, even with the homeowner working from home the entire time and a baby on the way! We’re not saying Hopedale Builders is the perfect contractor for every remodel, but after the tenth time you hear about our exceptional service and craft, you just might think we are.

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