Project: New kitchen and master suite
Goal: Update, upfit and upsize
Name: Paschall family
Architect: Bruce Berberick

Amazing kitchen, meet gorgeous master suite.

When you dream of the picture perfect house, you might envision a fabulous entry way, a large master suite, a gorgeous kitchen and plenty of room in the backyard for all the neighborhood kids to play in. When the Paschalls moved into their house it had exactly one of those things; a big back yard. So the team at Hopedale Builders was called in to help create the house the Paschalls had always dreamed of.

The first thing to go was an outdated kitchen that had little counter space, or aesthetic appeal. Once the kitchen was brought up to par with subway tiles, stunning lighting, plenty of stainless steel details and cabinets with storage galore, Hopedale Builders turned their attention to a small, dimly-lit master bedroom. The imaginative team at Hopedale created a master suite complete with granite shower, and a claw-foot soaking tub that is perfect for a bottle of wine and some chick-lit.

Now, when the Paschalls envision their dream house, it looks exactly like the one they're living in right now.

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