Problem: Dated open deck provides no protection from the elements or bugs.

Solution: Replace the large open deck with an outdoor living space that has weather and critter-proof protection.

Project: Porch renovation

Name: Steadman Porch Renovation

From Buggy Backyard to Weather-Proof Getaway

It was the homeowners versus the mosquitos, and much too often, the mosquitos won. Their existing deck was completely open to the elements, including the critters that were not invited to the barbeque. They were missing out on outdoor entertaining and enjoying the spectacular views in peace. That’s when they decided to call Hopedale Builders, known for our exquisite porch services. The outcome is a grand outdoor living space suitable for enjoying throughout the year thanks to the amenities we included in the design. One challenge we faced was with the soil. The poor quality meant it was unfit to support this new structure on its own, so we used caissons in addition to helical piers that already existed.  

Now, onto the fun stuff: the materials chosen by the homeowner and designer to make the space beautiful and welcoming. Natural materials are center stage in this porch addition. The textures and tones that natural materials can add to a project bring interest and intrigue. The cypress ceiling and beams are strikingly warm and coordinate with the warmth of the brick, both on the home itself and where we replicated it on the fireplace. In a perfect balance of color, we used bluestone on the floors. Finally, we framed the space with handrails in Ipe, right inside the expansive, uninterrupted screens. The screens keep out the uninvited critters but don’t block those lovely views. 

Take that, mosquitos. 

When you’re ready to experience outdoor living in a sophisticated and inviting environment, call Hopedale Builders. We’ve written the book on porches and want to share our expertise to add a beautiful outdoor space to your home. 

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