5 Amazing Summer Getaways in North Carolina

5 Amazing Summer Getaways in North Carolina

Summer in NC practically begs for a trip. The weather gets hot, so you have to decide if you’re going to embrace it or look for something a bit cooler. The good news is that you can have both in North Carolina. Go to the beach for lots of sun and fun, or head inland for cool mountain breezes and shade. At Hopedale Builders, we are experts in the delights of outdoor living in North Carolina. Try our favorite getaways for a fun-filled summer that suits you perfectly.

Where Should I Go for a Weekend Getaway in NC?

North Carolina offers thousands of square miles of potential, with activities packed in every inch. You can pick one of these or several for your bucket list for the season.

1. Blue Ridge Mountains

rainy and green blue ridge mountains - photo by Wikipedia

Although the Blue Ridge Mountains span several states, you can find plenty to do in this region in North Carolina. Take the Blue Ridge Parkway out of Asheville and you’ll discover one of the most beautiful scenic drives you have ever seen, in almost any season. Stop at Nantahala National Forest for boating, hiking, and outstanding whitewater rafting. Get a great view at the top of Mount Mitchell. Take the kids to Sliding Rock, a natural feature as fun as a waterpark. You can fill several days with this trip, or make it a quick weekend getaway with a couple of stops.

2. Outer Banks

ocean shore on outer banks in North Carolina - photo by Outer Banks Blue

Sure, a lot of states along the East Coast have great beaches. They don’t have the Outer Banks, though. If you want an excellent getaway where you won’t find quite as many tourists, you can find lots of opportunities here. Go for the beaches with wild ponies roaming across the sand. Stay for the wonderful dining, so fresh that it was happily swimming just a few hours before. And if you’re looking for great accommodations, you won’t have to work hard to get them.

3. Wilmington

river and bridge in Wilmington North Carolina - photo by Wilmington and Beaches CVB

There’s so much to do in Wilmington and beyond. You can head miles into the Cape Fear River Basin for kayaking, boating, and plenty of small towns along the way. If you’d rather stay closer to this historic port city, you can go to Kure Beach, a short drive away. You’ll find miles of grassy walkways with the ability to catch sight of alligators and sharks. When you’re ready for excellent dining, check out the upscale Caprice Bistro. For a great burger or a cold drink, you can’t miss a visit to the Fork N Cork.

4. Bald Head Island

bald head island greenery - photo by Southern Living

If you’re willing to take a ferry (and you should), you can enjoy the delights of Bald Head Island with fewer crowds than you’d see on the mainland. While you’re there, you can climb up to the top of Old Baldy Lighthouse for a wonderful view. If you show up at the right time, you might get a glimpse of the Turtle Walks. This fun observation activity, headed by the Bald Head Island Conservancy, allows you to see hundreds of tiny turtles make their way to the sand’s surface and head to the ocean.

5. New Bern

new bern, north carolina city hall - photo by Wikipedia

New Bern is the first capital of North Carolina, so you will certainly find plenty of history to explore here. Start with Tryon Palace, which was built in the 1770s. You can enjoy historical reenactment to get a sense of the colony’s early years. The palace is maintained by the North Carolina History Center, which holds several exciting events on the grounds each year. Be sure to check the schedule to see what’s going on during your getaway. When you’re done, pay a visit to Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant. This excellent establishment emphasizes everything that you could love about North Carolina.

Where Should I Go For a 3 Day Vacation?

If you must choose a single location for a 3-day vacation, you can’t go wrong with Asheville. You could while away your time at the Biltmore Estate, walking the grounds and exploring the nation’s largest privately-owned estate. From there, you can drive in almost any direction to dig into the wilds of North Carolina.

What is Unique to North Carolina?

There are many things that are quite unique to North Carolina. The Outer Banks obviously ought to make the list, with their line of unspoiled beaches and wildlife. If you’re visiting Asheville, Biltmore has something that you won’t find in any other state. Ultimately, it’s the history and culture that you’ll find so unique to North Carolina. From the lost colony to the development of the best barbecue in the country, you just can’t go anywhere else to find the same.

Where Can I Go For a Day Trip in North Carolina?

Almost any of these delightful locations could make an excellent day trip. Head to the Outer Banks for a day walking on the beach. Follow the ferry schedule to take you to Bald Head Island. Drive to New Bern or Wilmington and find tons of history.

If you’re thinking about starting a remodeling project on your home, you can learn more about our work as you drive. Hopedale Builders specializes in complicated renovations. We take pride in our skills, but you can see from our testimonials that we have a host of satisfied customers. When you’re ready to build your dream home, contact us today.


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