Visit These Great Lakes and Beaches in North Carolina

Visit These Great Lakes and Beaches in North Carolina

Summer’s a great time to head outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. In North Carolina, we know a lot about outdoor living. And if you want to have a wonderful day or weekend while you stay cool, you know it’s ideal to head to one of the state’s many lakes. Head out on a boat, test out your kayaking skills, or just hang out on the beach with the kids. Here are some of the best lakes you can choose.

What Is the Nicest Lake in North Carolina?

You’d have a hard time deciding which is truly the nicest lake in North Carolina. We think all of these deserve a visit, even if you’re not in the area.

Lake Nantahala

lake nantahala water - photo by Lake Nantahala Cabin Rental

Tucked into the Nantahala National Forest, this manmade lake is a treat that also provides a lot of hydroelectric power for the region. Even if you’re not interested in showing the kids the benefit of a highly renewable source of energy, you can certainly find plenty to do in this inland area. The water doesn’t dissolve much of the minerals, so you can see quite deep for swimming, boating, or fishing.

Lake Glenville

people paddleboarding and kayaking in lake glenville - photo by Romantic Asheville

If you’re looking for a clear-water lake set at a higher elevation in the forest, Lake Glenville is an excellent choice. This reservoir offers white, sandy beaches and waterfalls. You can enjoy fishing, paddling, and boating as well. Just keep in mind that the depth changes quickly. A little past the beach, the ground drops away to an 80-foot depth.

Lake Santeetlah

lake santeetlah covered in trees - photo by Romantic Asheville

If you’re willing to drive about 100 miles outside of Asheville, you’ll find the beauty of Lake Santeetlah. The mountain surroundings are ideal for camping and perfecting your skills in the outdoors. You’ll love to have a picnic dinner at the water’s edge. There is some great hiking in the forests nearby, and you can even catch a hint of the Smoky Mountains.

Jordan Lake

jordan lake water - photo by North Carolina State Parks

When you’re hoping to find something toward the center of the state, Jordan Lake is a great choice. This 14,000-acre reservoir has its own state recreation area, with lots of fun things to do all around the water’s edge. If you want a few easy hikes where you can take the kids or go birdwatching, you’ll have miles of opportunity to do so. If you reserve one of more than 1,000 campsites, you’ll be rewarded with an unparalleled view across the water.

Kerr Lake

kerr lake dam - photo by Wikipedia

As far north as you can go in North Carolina, Kerr Lake shares a border with Virginia. At 50,000 acres, it’s dubbed the largest reservoir in Virginia. But once you arrive, you can immediately see the appeal. If fishing is your goal, you can find some of the best in the state right here. And when you want a spot large enough to bring your extended family, the lake has plenty of accommodations.

High Rock Lake

high rock lake green trees and housing - photo by North Carolina Lakefront Homes

If you want something beyond the typical, head to High Rock Lake. This reservoir has a canoe trail you can follow, along with paddling, inland sailing, and more. Of course, it has more than just fun in the sun and water. It’s surprisingly close to North Carolina’s wine country. If you’re looking for a fun couple’s or adult getaway with friends, you can have your indoor and outdoor entertainment right here.

What Are the Cleanest Lakes in North Carolina?

When you want to stay as close to nature as possible, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most unspoiled parts of the state. Falls Lake stands as one of the cleanest lakes in North Carolina, largely because it does not allow gas-powered boats. Don’t worry about the potential for massive wakes while you swim or paddle on the water. If you come here for the excellent mountain biking, you can spend hours around Falls Lake State Recreation Area.

What are the Best Beaches in North Carolina?

From a family vacation to a Nicholas Sparks-inspired retreat, the coast of North Carolina is distinguished by vast, sandy beaches with protected dunes, beachfront rental properties, and a relaxed way of life.

Emerald Isle

emerald isle arial view - photo by emerald isle realty

Emerald Isle attracts families year after year with its 12 miles of immaculate beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and popular fishing pier. There are numerous reasons to dwell on this stretch of sand: Emerald Isle has a long shoreline and numerous beach amenities, such as grills, showers, picnic pavilions, and parking. It's also part of North Carolina's Crystal Coast, with Indian Beach and Pine Knoll Shores nearby.

Bald Head Island

bald head island arial view - photo by Port City Daily

Bald Head Island is great for vacationers seeking peace and relaxation because it is car-free (you'll need a golf cart or bike to get around) and only accessible by ferry. Aside from beachside rental properties and the highly renowned Bald Head Island Club golf course, the majority of the island's 12,000 acres are undeveloped, so the 14 miles of shoreline – including South Beach and North Beach – should be tranquil and beautiful. It's also a terrific site to witness nature's best: the island is home to over 260 bird species, as well as alligators and foxes.

What Beach in NC has the Clearest Water?

If you’re looking for an amazing stretch of beaches and natural land with the clearest water you can imagine outside of the Caribbean, you’ve got to head to Shackleford Banks. Grab an express ferry and you’ll have access to some unspoiled beaches next to crystal blue waters. There, you can enjoy fishing, surfing and just walking along the beach to see thousands of unusual shells.

Are There Any Natural Lakes in North Carolina?

Many North Carolina lakes are natural bodies of water. The manmade reservoirs tend to get a lot of attention, but you can easily fill your days by going to places like Lake Mattamuskeet. This lake is the largest of the state’s natural lakes, and it is quite shallow at most points. It serves as a site for the Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge. If you love to watch birds, you won’t find a better example.

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