Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Watch for in 2022

Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Watch for in 2022

Every year, designers and homeowners alike browse through the upcoming trends for home remodeling. For 2022, you’ll notice that there is more variability in the best colors and styles. Some people still aim for simple, monochromatic minimalism, while others are going big and bold. From natural spa themes to a Mid Century Modern bathroom - you can have it all! Here are a few trends to watch.

How Do You Design a Bathroom?

Designing a bathroom should follow a certain number of rules. Although aesthetics are important, function, flow, and comfort should rank a bit higher. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Evaluate your space for current problems
  • Brainstorm ideas to solve them
  • Think about upgrades you might want
  • Set a budget for the bathroom remodel
  • Hire a professional to create it

If you’re wondering how to choose the right remodeler, we have some tips to help you get started.

Bathroom Trends 2022

Bathroom trends come and go, and there are a lot of good things coming. Get ready to take some notes, because you’re going to love some of these for your bathroom remodel.

Need to know how much a bathroom remodel costs in Charlotte? Check out our guide.

1. Indoor-Outdoor Designs

If you’re tired of a bathroom that has only one tiny, cramped window, you’re going to want to see this. Homeowners are blasting away the idea that a bathroom must be surrounded by walls, instead opting for lots of large windows to bring the outside to them. These days, you can even install smart windows to guarantee your privacy. That way, you get all the benefits of the natural light and scenery without compromise.

2. Monochromatic Look

If the idea of selecting pale pastels or bold colors makes you want to retreat under the covers, it’s all right. Monochromatic styles are also popular for 2022, so you can choose one neutral and feel free to expand upon it. Natural marble tile is always a classic and is a lovely way to keep with the neutral white and gray tones.

3. New Approaches to Divisions

Ever since the trend to separate baths and showers became the standard for modern bathrooms, designers have had a problem to solve: How to keep the dry areas away from moisture? The answer is a wet room. By putting the shower and the bathtub behind a single glass enclosure, it’s easier to manage dampness without adding condensation to the walls. Don't forget the bath fan!

4. Wainscoting

Wainscoting is certainly a retro home improvement style, dating back centuries. And if you think it’s a bad idea for the bathroom, it’s time to think again.  With new innovations in wood manufacturing, you don’t have to worry about warping or discoloration. The latest bathroom wainscoting ideas promote straight lines, shapes, or intricate designs.

5. Shapes

Do you love a geometric pattern in the bathroom? Thinking of diamonds, hexagons, or even a 3-D effect? Your time has arrived. You’ll notice that the chevron style is making a comeback, but really, any shape is great. Feel free to make an intricate pattern on walls and flooring, or even contrast them for an Art Deco feel.

6. Contemporary Bathrooms

If you combine some of these trends together, you may notice that they all start to create a comfortable bathroom aesthetic. You can probably see it falling into place. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows blur the lines between inside and outside. The latest color trends highlight natural materials with colors of subtle pinks or gray-greens taking front and center.

beige tiled master bathroom with large corner tub by hopedale builders in charlotte nc

What Is Trending in Bathroom Tile?

There are a couple of trends you should keep in mind for bathroom tile. The first we're seeing more of is tile installed in a straight stack or large format wall tiles. Large format wall tile allows for minimal grout joints and lower maintenance. Using a metal Schluter edge (offered in multiple colors) to finish off tile edges offers a much cleaner look than a bullnose or trim tile.

The second trend is continuing to use more earthy or natural tones, such as marble tile or incorporating wood elements in the cabinetry or accessories.

When you hire a contractor for custom kitchens and bathroom services, you can get exactly the style you have in mind.

What Is the Best Color for a Bathroom Floor?

Although some people will say that the best color for a bathroom floor is neutral, it’s also true that anything goes. You may want to go bold with geometric patterns or striking colors in the powder room or the guest room while keeping the main bathroom more organic or spa-like.

At Hopedale Builders, we hope a trip through the upcoming bathroom trends for 2022 has you getting excited about your own project. We would love the opportunity to discuss your modern Jack and Jill bathroom ideas for the new year. As an experienced renovation company, we are always delighted to see what our clients come up with for their dream bathrooms. Contact us for more information or to get started.


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