Most Popular Types of Home Additions for Your Charlotte, NC Home

Most Popular Types of Home Additions for Your Charlotte, NC Home

Chances are if you’re reading this article, your house is feeling cramped, your Charlotte home is lacking something special, you’re bored at work, or all of the above. 

A home addition, be it an outdoor living space, a suite addition, or an entire second floor, is the perfect way to refresh your home and give you some much-needed breathing room. What are the different types of additions that are most popular with homeowners in Charlotte, North Carolina? What is the most important information you should know about home additions and what affects the final cost? Well, we can tell you! 

Why Add Onto Your Home Instead of Move?

When you’ve lived in the same neighborhood for a while, you grow to love different aspects. Your home may be in a top school district, you might be in an ideal location for the amenities you need or want, or you may have found a great community in your neighbors. 

There are many reasons why you’re hesitant to leave the comforts of your neighborhood, making it worth exploring an addition. Luckily, there are custom home builders that are experts in creating the home addition that’ll make your home the perfect fit for your growing needs. 

So, What Are the Different Types of Popular Additions?

When it comes to the most popular home additions, outdoor living spaces in Charlotte take the cake. That makes sense, right? We’ve adjusted to spending more time entertaining at home and enjoying the outdoors, and the Remodeling 2022 Cost vs Value Report reflects this shift. In Charlotte, outdoor living space additions are followed by kitchen expansions, second floor additions, and suite additions.

Porch Addition

Outdoor living spaces range from a simple open air porch to an outdoor kitchen that rivals your main kitchen. It could also be a dynamic space, with a screened-in porch that leads out to a deck and down to a patio lounge area. The range of amenities you could include in your porch is pretty wide, as are the types of porches. A screened-in porch, a three seasons porch, or a four seasons porch offer very different levels of comfort and options for activities. 

A screened in porch can offer a place to be mosquito-free in the summer. A three or four season porch offers a bit more comfort with accessibility during colder months. Think about how you and your family would like to use the space. Be sure to consider all options with your home builder to get the best idea of what type of space would be the best fit

If an outdoor kitchen sounds ideal, think about what amenities your family would use the most. It can have just a grill and a sink, or an entire suite of outdoor kitchen appliances that surpass the indoor kitchen, and then some.

Our suggestion? Don’t stop at the basic porch addition. Entertaining outside, enjoying a rolling thunderstorm with a front row seat, and mosquito-free evenings with a cocktail are worth the investment to make your outdoor living space more comfortable

outdoor addition covered wood porch with kitchen and dining area for a growing family - by hopedale builders in charlotte

Kitchen Expansions & Additions

Kitchens are such a popular addition and expansion with homeowners because this is the hardest working room in the house. If your kitchen isn’t working for you, it can cause a lot of frustration. Cramped? Dark? Lacking amenities? Adding on, or completely relocating your kitchen is the way to go. 

Replace your cabinetry with custom features, build a walk-in pantry, choose stone countertops, install a spacious island, and go for the ultra-durable ceramic wood look floor tiles. Other popular choices going into remodeled kitchens and additions are chef-worthy energy-efficient appliances with smart technology.

Choose materials and colors that are a mix of timeless and trendy to make your space feel fresh, like classic marble on the counters and backsplash, with a muted earthy green on your lower cabinets. With the hours you spend in the kitchen each day, make it a place that brings joy instead of frustration

Kitchens are more than just a place to cook your family’s meals. Kitchen-adjacent spaces are also important to consider when talking with your home builder. Add a mudroom and a laundry room right off of the kitchen for the most functional space you could ever dream of for you and your family.  

Suite Addition

Many older homes weren’t designed with a primary suite, making it a top remodel priority with modern homeowners who crave a lavish private space. Or maybe your home does have a primary suite, but it leaves much to be desired, like a walk-in closet and a spa-worthy bath retreat. Your primary suite is your oasis and worth the investment to feel like you’re getting away from it all while staying at home. 

Popular primary suite addition features include customized storage in the closet, a freestanding tub, radiant heated flooring, and smart technology for music, news, and anything else. Other amenities to consider? Make space in your primary suite for a fireplace with a sitting area, or even a wet bar. 

A suite addition could also be an in-law suite meant to house visiting family or friends. Consider finishing your basement to incorporate an independent living area. Another type of addition to your property that could serve as a great suite space is a carriage house.  

Second Floor Addition

Sometimes, adding onto your ground floor just isn’t an option. Your city or plot might put limits on how close you can build to the property line, or perhaps you’d like to hold onto the yard space you already have. Also, the type of room you’d like to add would be best suited for a second level, like spare bedrooms or an office. 

Another reason to add a second floor is to blend in with the neighborhood. Your house might be one level while many of your neighbors’ homes are multi-level. Adding another level also boosts curb appeal. So, if you do plan to sell your home down the line, having a second floor could boost the asking price.  

How Are Home Addition Costs Calculated?

Additions are calculated by the materials, labor, size, and location of the space. Adding onto your kitchen and building out a sunroom is very different because of what’s entailed in constructing them.  

For these reasons and many more, estimating a cost per square foot is, unfortunately, unrealistic. When it comes to remodeling projects, as opposed to new custom homes, there are many extenuating factors that will affect the final cost. 

It’s Time to Reach Out to the Professionals

Planning a home addition comes with a lot of options and a lot of decisions. How much should you invest? What are some popular home addition plans and layouts you should consider? 

The first step is getting in touch with a home builder that has walked countless clients through these and many more decisions. You will want to hire an accredited home builder who is just as excited about your home addition as you are and inspire the confidence you need to make big decisions. Hopedale Builders is a home builder in Charlotte that has been working with homeowners to create their dream spaces for over 20 years. 

It’s time to add some space and some life into your home with an addition. Contact Hopedale builders to schedule a consultation today.

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