Mudroom, Drop Zone, or Laundry Room Remodel Costs in Charlotte, NC

Mudroom, Drop Zone, or Laundry Room Remodel Costs in Charlotte, NC

Mudrooms, laundry rooms, and drop zones–just a few spaces that are every homeowner’s dream. These spaces offer a cleaner home, more storage, and next-level organization. They’re sanity-makers. They keep dirt and clutter from spreading across your home and a place to store all of those things that are constantly being hauled in and out of your house.

If you’re thinking about making this dream a reality in your Charlotte home, you’re probably wondering what it will cost. Even though your unique remodel will come with a unique cost, we can give you averages so you’ll know what to expect when you start looking for an experienced builder to create these spaces in your home. 


Mudroom & Drop Zone

No more piling coats in the living room, tracking dirt and mud into the kitchen, having a trail of rainwater following the family dog into your home, or cluttering closets with sports equipment. 

Reconfiguring existing space for a mudroom, or mudroom laundry room combination, is extremely functional for the busy family. If you already have a mudroom, but often find your storage overflowing, your finishes aren't easy to keep clean, or the space creates a bottleneck, your mudroom can use the creativity of a designer. Rework your layout, incorporate more storage, and replace your finishes with easy-to-clean surfaces. 

A mudroom and drop zone off of your garage will act as a buffer between the outside mess and your kitchen. Remodel your existing mudroom or use square footage your home already has that’s not getting the best use. 


What should you include in your mudroom & drop zone?

Think about what you wish could be better contained or organized. What would make it easier to get out of the house in the morning and keep your house tidy when you return at the end of the day? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Built-in benches 
  • Custom-built lockers for each family member
  • Cabinets for hiding otherwise haphazard items, like sports equipment
  • Dog washing station
  • Coat closet
  • Lower drawers beneath the bench for shoes
  • Custom open shelving for baskets for shopping bags, leashes, etc.
  • Counter space for keys, mail, etc. 


How much will a mudroom and drop zone cost? 

To remodel your existing space, expect a mudroom and drop zone remodel to cost around $20,000 to $50,000, unless it is part of a greater remodel. Of course, these are averages, so it’s best to contact a home remodeling expert for a more accurate cost for the project you envision. 

mudroom entrance with hardwood floors and white cabinets by Hopedale Builders in Charlotte, NC

Laundry Room

Let’s face it: the laundry closet in the hallway is frustrating you and your family. When someone is doing laundry, they’re blocking the hallway. When baskets pile up outside of the laundry closet on Sunday, it’s an eyesore. With a laundry room, you’ll have a place for everything, and everything in its place. 

You may already have a laundry room but notice that there is both overused and underused space. In this scenario, a layout change is needed. Just like with a mudroom, a better layout, clever storage, and easy-to-clean surfaces will make the most of what could potentially be a very convenient and useful room.

Your new laundry room will need to be in the right place to make it feasible to run your plumbing lines. Near the kitchen is a common spot for a laundry room. It’s also becoming more common to have more than one laundry room, especially with a two-story home: a smaller laundry room in the primary suite and a larger family laundry room downstairs. 


What should you include in your laundry room?

Of course, you’ll start with the essentials–a washer and dryer. To save space, choose a stacking unit, but a side-by-side washer and dryer offers the opportunity for counter space above for folding. What else should you consider?

  • Open shelving large enough for laundry baskets (or collapsible baskets to save space)
  • Cabinets for detergent, dryer sheets, cleaning products, etc.
  • Extendable drying racks
  • Sink
  • Linen closet
  • Drop-down ironing board


How much will a laundry room cost? 

A laundry room remodel cost could range from around $30,000  to 60,000. You’ll notice that the range is pretty wide. This is because a remodel can be cosmetic or a complete gut and remodel job that repurposes the space. As with any remodeling job, it’s best to contact an experienced remodeler for a more accurate estimate.  


Ready to Add Some Convenience to Your Charlotte Home?

We all wish for more organized and tidy homes. There never seems to be enough storage and organization. Remodel your space to create a laundry room, mudroom, or both! Consider even creating a much more functional and stylish laundry room and mudroom in the same space. You’ll be able to throw those dirty jerseys and socks directly into the wash when you arrive. 

Hopedale Builders understands the needs of today’s families. Clever storage and organization in a well-crafted and stylish package is a standard for us. We’ve been creating these spaces for homeowners in the Charlotte area for over 20 years. If you’d like to learn about our remodeling process, talk about ideas from our previous projects, or invent something completely new, contact us to schedule a consultation today


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