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Hopedale Won the 2023 Best of Charlotte Award

It’s all well and good to claim you’re the best, but it’s a whole other level to have the accolades to back it up. When you’re in the market for a home remodeler in Charlotte, it can be difficult to figure out which renovation company is the best. How can you take their word for it? Well at Hopedale Builders we won’t just tell you, we’ll show you.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

We’re proud of the work we do because we understand that remodeling a home is about more than just revamping a space or building a house, it’s about improving lives. When you care as much about the outcome as we do, all that care and attention comes out in every detail and the overall quality of work. 


Service and Design a Cut Above the Rest: The Best of Houzz Awards

The Best of Houzz Awards are a prestigious accolade, recognizing the crème de la crème in home renovation and design. Garnering both the Best of Houzz Design and Best of Houzz Service awards from 2015 to 2023, Hopedale Builders stands as a testament to unparalleled service, vast experience, and unmatched skill in the industry. These awards, conferred by the Houzz community, underscore Hopedale's unwavering commitment to excellence, consistently delivering projects that not only meet but exceed client expectations.


Winner of the 2023 MAME Award for General Renovation

The Murphy Kitchen Remodel in Myers Park transformed a dark, dated kitchen into a bright, modern culinary space. With powder blue cabinetry, white oak elements, and an array of international design touches, this kitchen is a testament to Hopedale's ability to blend styles seamlessly.

Murphy Kitchen By Hopedale Builders

The Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards

The Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards stand as the foremost acknowledgment program in the remodeling sector, spanning an impressive 44 categories.


Winner of the 2021 NARI CoTY Awards for Best Residential Detached Structure 

The Morgart Detached Addition in Dilworth is a testament to Hopedale's expertise. This project seamlessly integrated a modern, spacious garage with a cozy, upstairs guest suite. The design perfectly complements the main residence, showcasing Hopedale's commitment to preserving neighborhood aesthetics while providing functional, luxurious spaces.


Winner of the 2020 NARI CoTY Awards for Residential Kitchen 

The Tebbit Kitchen Remodel in Dilworth transformed a traditional kitchen into a culinary masterpiece. With a spacious island, top-tier appliances, and elegant finishes, this kitchen is both functional and stunning. Hopedale's craftsmanship shines, making every meal a luxurious experience.

Tebbit Kitchen Remodel By Hopedale Builders

Winner of the 2019 NARI CoTY Awards for Residential Kitchen 

The Baldwin-Guhl Kitchen and Sunroom Addition in Dilworth is a blend of elegance and functionality. The project expanded the kitchen, integrating it with a sunlit sunroom. The result is a harmonious space, perfect for relaxation and culinary adventures.


Winner of the 2019 NARI CoTY Awards for Residential Historical Exterior Renovation 

The Mt. Vernon Covered Porch Remodel in Dilworth rejuvenated a 1920s home with a modern touch. The expansive outdoor living space, crafted with Brazilian wood decking and grand columns, offers a serene retreat while preserving the home's historical charm.

Mt. Vernon Covered Porch Remodel By Hopedale Builders

Winner of the 2017 NARI CotY Award for Best Basement Remodel 

The Schili Basement Remodel in Dilworth showcases Hopedale's ability to transform underutilized spaces. This project turned a basement into a luxurious living area, complete with modern amenities, without compromising the home's original charm.


Winner of the 2017 NARI CotY Award for Best Historical Reno 

The Malloy Porch Remodel in Dilworth enhanced a classic American Craftsman home. The addition of a festive gathering spot, complete with a wood-burning pizza oven and fireplace, seamlessly blends with the home's original design, offering a perfect space for relaxation and entertainment.


Winner of the 2015 NARI CotY Award for Best Residential Exterior 

The McCarter Patio Remodel in Dilworth is a testament to Hopedale's exterior expertise. Though details are limited, the award speaks to the company's commitment to excellence in all projects.


Winner of the 2014 NARI CotY Awards

The Poole Garage and Porch Remodel in Myers Park is a masterclass in blending functionality with aesthetics. The two-story brick garage/coach house and the transformed back porch, complete with a wood-burning pizza oven, showcase Hopedale's dedication to quality and design.


Winner of the 2014 NARI CotY Award for Best Basement Remodel

The Brown Basement Renovation in Mount Holly turned a basement into a patio, showcasing Hopedale's innovative approach. By maximizing the home's footprint and enhancing its connection to the outdoors, this project exemplifies Hopedale's commitment to transformative designs.


Charlotte Magazine: Best Builders and Renovators 2023

Charlotte Magazine's "Best Builders and Renovators 2023" celebrates top Charlotte professionals in construction and renovation. This accolade underscores their commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction, marking them as industry leaders in the region.


Charlotte Historic Preservation Award by the Charlotte Museum of History

The Charlotte Historic Preservation Award, presented by the Charlotte Museum of History, honors restoration and building projects in the greater Charlotte region that stand out in historic preservation. This esteemed accolade recognizes efforts that capture and conserve the essence of Charlotte's rich historical heritage, ensuring its legacy for future generations.


Work with the Best

Hopedale Builders' impressive array of awards is a testament to our unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to the Charlotte remodeling industry. These accolades, spanning various categories, highlight our commitment to excellence and innovation in every project. When you’re looking for a remodeler in Charlotte, it's essential to consider such distinctions to ensure top-tier results. Trust in a team that has consistently been recognized for outstanding work. If you're ready to transform your space, contact us for a consultation.


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