Problem: Dark dated kitchen with limited storage and expansion possibility. 

Solution: Update the kitchen with new architectural features, make room for a butler's pantry, and add a mudroom.

Project: Kitchen Remodel

Name: Tebbit Kitchen Remodel

Architect: Josh Allison

Every project deserves perfection, but this one demanded it! 

Everything needed to be precise to pull it off. We expertly aligned the shiplap with the cabinetry kerfs to ensure the backsplash would complete the height of two full courses of shiplap, which needed to be perfectly level. Next we had to use extra precision to center the ceiling beams in the kitchen to line up with the timber wall. 

Ensuring the shiplap nickel gaps aligned perfectly with the cabinetry kerfs was a necessity for the room as a whole. The tiniest misalignment in this Charlotte kitchen remodel would catch your eye immediately and throw off the entire concept. 

A challenge we addressed was building a floor-to-ceiling, curved stacked timber wall. The white oak timbers continued to shrink, even once fully acclimated to the conditioned space. However, thoughtful construction allowed the stacked timbers to remain fixed and aligned. 

Another challenge was to properly align the shiplap reveal with the cabinet reveals which mimicked the detail. This had to be extremely precise throughout the space – which we all know poses a challenge for a remodel! 

The result was more than worth the effort. The shiplap brings in the warmth and character that perfectly balances the contemporary look of the flat front lower cabinets, striking soapstone waterfall countertops, and commercial-grade stainless steel appliances. 

Creating Harmony

The first things that catch your eye are the natural white oak ceiling beams and columns. They add depth and interest to the space, giving a grounding focal point to the open floor plan and defining the space. 

Along with the texture of the shiplap, the natural white oak also adds warmth to the crisp white cabinetry and walls. The rhythm created by the solid timbers are subtly complimented by the horizontal lines of the shiplap. Many of the materials from the kitchen were carried into the mudroom, which offers a nice buffer before entering the kitchen and avoids creating cluttered drop zones.

The custom stainless steel backsplash behind the stove is an unexpected detail that elevates the aesthetic of this space, adding a smooth matte texture to compliment the rough wood.

As for the butler’s pantry, the material and color choices coordinate with the kitchen but have an entirely different mood and are full of visual texture. The cool gray cabinets with varying fronts, gray and blue mosaic tile backsplash, and the same striking soapstone countertops in the kitchen really up the level of sophistication is this hideaway space. 

The lower cabinet fronts nearest to the kitchen in the butler’s pantry have an undulating texture. The lower cabinet doors at the bar are fluted, giving it a unique aesthetic. It coordinates almost perfectly with the golden warmth of the timbers. 

Checking Off the Must-Haves

Our client wanted to update the kitchen (check!), make room for a butler's pantry (check!), and add a mudroom (and check!). The end result was a much more functional, open kitchen with significant natural light, great storage, and beautiful architectural features. 

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