Top Reasons to Add a Pool House to Your Outdoor Living Space

Top Reasons to Add a Pool House to Your Outdoor Living Space

Adding a pool house to your outdoor space comes with lots of perks! Like a home, the modern pool house can vary enormously in its features. From the most basic structure to a lavish respite with a full suite, the pool house is no longer just a damp place to change out of a wet suit, but a valuable attribute to your property and quality of outdoor living. So, why should you consider adding a pool house to your Charlotte property? 


First, What Is a Pool House?

A pool house is simply a structure separate from the main house that is in close proximity to the pool. At its most basic, a pool house will contain a bathroom and a space for changing. Additional spaces will likely include extra storage, living or entertainment space, and even sleeping quarters.

What Is the Purpose of a Pool House?

The pool house is a space that is designed to fit your specific needs. However, there are a few common uses for a pool house.

Changing Room

Having a space to change out of swimsuits is great for keeping water from being tracked into your home. It’s also convenient for the purposes of keeping different events separate that might be going on at your home at the same time. A dinner, movie night, or club meeting won’t be interrupted by soggy pool-goers who want to dry off. 


The availability of a bathroom outside is a no-brainer. Just as with the changing room, you’re keeping your home dry by offering a separate space altogether.  

Provides Extra Storage Space

It’s already been mentioned that a pool house offers extra storage space but it’s definitely worth repeating! Pool toys, floats, chair cushions, spare towels, folding tables, you name it. Even if your pool house only contains the basics, you’ll be so grateful for the added space. 

Create Additional Living Space

An open living space leading to the bathroom and changing area can offer some reprieve from the heat before going back out to take a dip. Be sure to furnish the space with seating that can take a little dampness. There are plenty of options that are considered all-weather that still look great as indoor pool house furniture.


What Other Additions Can You Add to Your Outdoor Living Space?

You might already have all the storage space you need. Perhaps you have an outdoor shower and a changing room or bathroom built off the exterior of your home. If that’s the case, then consider adding a different type of structure on your property to accompany your pool. 

Smaller Additions


Forget the ice chest! An outdoor bar offers a great conversation space that’s a bit more fun than your typical seating area. Include an ice machine, a small refrigerator, a sink, and storage and you have a fully self-contained bar that will only need occasional restocking. No need to set up a temporary bar every time you have friends over for a pool hang. 

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen is a favorite of anyone who likes to entertain outside. Include amenities that your indoor kitchen also has, and throw in a few fun features that make the outdoor kitchen special, like a brick pizza oven. You won’t have to continue to run in and out of the house to grab someone a cold drink or to prep food. All of the cooking and entertainment necessities can be available right there where the action is happening. 

Larger Additions


Cabanas resemble a covered deck but instead of being open air, they have three walls with the open side facing the pool. They usually don heavy curtains, seagrass walls, or any other materials reminiscent of a beach scene. They’re used for a break from the sun, privacy to change, or a quiet place to read or doze off for a bit. 

Carriage House

Carriage houses are a much more substantial structure. They could be original to a historic Charlotte home or can be built to mimic carriage houses used when a horse and buggy was the way to get around. They typically have a large garage-type door and interior space to house a carriage and related equipment. Sometimes there would be a second story for dwelling or more storage. Today, whether they are original or newly built, they’re used as an accessory dwelling unit that could provide guest lodging or rental income. 

Detached Garage

A detached garage is a structure that’s independent from the main house, usually with car storage on the first level and a dwelling unit either on the same level or on a second level. You could build a detached garage where your vehicle enters from one side and the pool is on the backside. 

The benefit of a detached garage is that it can house every feature you could need. House your vehicles, guests, and an outdoor kitchen or bar all under one roof! 

What is the Difference Between a Pool House and a Cabana?

These are often confused with one another, so we’ll compare them side by side. Essentially, the pool house is a closed space, usually with plumbing, electrical, and likely air conditioning. It’s a climate-controlled space that will typically have a bathroom and a place to change. 

A cabana is a simple structure with one wall completely missing. It isn’t climate controlled, and may have lighting, but does offer a place for a quick change if there are curtains or another privacy measure. 


Talk To a Professional About Your Options

With so many reasons to build a pool house or another structure to accompany your pool, it’s worth at least consulting with a pro about your options. A firm that’s experienced in building outdoor spaces can assess your house, pool, and surrounding property to help you decide the best structure to suit your space. 

Hopedale Builders is an established custom builder with a knack for solving puzzles. The team is skilled in visualizing what your property could be and working with homeowners to bring it to life. Contact Hopedale Builders to start the conversation about your property’s potential. 

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