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5 Most Beautiful Neighborhoods & Streets in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina, is easily one of the most lively and beautiful cities, with a number of its neighborhoods ranked as the best places to live in North Carolina. But within these popular neighborhoods, each has its most popular streets. Each of the well-known streets on this list offers something different: historic architecture, a lively atmosphere, luxury homes, amenities galore, peaceful parks, and friendly communities. Take a walk and imagine yourself calling one of these areas home

photo of freedom park in Dilworth neighborhood, Charlotte, NC

Dilworth Neighborhood 

The Historic Dilworth neighborhood boasts a lot of charm and antiquity. If you enjoy living among classic residential architecture, Dilworth is your ideal neighborhood in Charlotte. Queen Anne, colonial revival, Tudor homes, and classic American bungalows line the streets of Dilworth. There’s also plenty to do within walking distance in Dilworth, with shops, wine bars, and dining. 

Do you enjoy outdoor recreation, parks, museums, and nightlife? Who doesn’t, right? That’s why Dilworth is one of North Carolina’s best places to live. If you’re looking for a place to call home in the neighborhood of Dilworth, you can’t go wrong with the area’s most beautiful streets to find your forever home. 

Dilworth Road 

In the ever-popular Dilworth neighborhood is the iconic Dilworth Road. Even with its array of absolutely magnificent multi-million-dollar historic homes and a canopy of mature trees, Dilworth Road still somehow feels quaint and cozy. If you’re visiting the area, you might just want to park the car and take a stroll to enjoy the warm atmosphere and lovely landscaping. 

Mount Vernon Avenue

When you’re walking down Mount Vernon Avenue in Dilworth, you can catch glimpses of the Charlotte skyline. But somehow, the street will make you feel much further from the bustling Uptown area. At only a few blocks long, Mount Vernon Avenue is impressively one of Charlotte’s most desirable streets to live along because of its charm. 


photo of myers park neighborhood street in charlotte nc

Myers Park Neighborhood

Myers Park is simply breathtaking. Impeccable landscaping and soothing winding paths under a mature canopy are just the start. The architecture in Myers Park is really something to be seen, with colonials, Tudor homes, Georgian homes, and the like. It’s no wonder that Myers Park is so desirable. And if architecture and atmosphere aren’t enough, you’ll also find the best of the best in dining, gourmet grocers, boutiques, and parks. What are the most coveted streets to live on in the Myers Park neighborhood?

Hermitage Road 

How would you like to call the Duke Mansion your neighbor? The homes on Hermitage Road are so stunning, many are known by name. The Cramer House, the Howard Madison Wade House, the John Bass Brown House–just to name a few. Hermitage Road is a known gem and rather exclusive, but worth a stroll to take in the gorgeous architecture and incredible landscaping. It’s no wonder why Hermitage Road is considered the best street in Charlotte by many. 

Queens Road West & Queens Road East

Sure, Queens Road West and Queens Road East form one continuous stretch, but the two offer different feels. Queens Road West is the busier of the two, while Queens Road East is on the quieter side. Both offer incredible architecture with roomier lots than others on this list. These roads also offer residents tall oaks, well-manicured landscaping, large Tudors, and historic mansions. 

The Queens Roads are also very well-known for a popular three-mile running loop, affectionately named the “Booty Loop.” It’s an arguably unsophisticated name in a very sophisticated part of town. It’s also a great way to view the area and feel like part of the community. 


photo of eastover neighborhood street in charlotte nc

Eastover Neighborhood  

Eastover isn’t just beautiful, it’s important to the fabric of Charlotte. This historic neighborhood was one of the first streetcar suburbs and has attracted prominent figures and community leaders in Charlotte. Many homes were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This area also offers its residents close proximity to restaurants, shops, parks, and a variety of culturally significant landmarks. 

Cherokee Road

Cherokee Road stands out on this list for being home to both magnificent homes and luxury condos with exquisite architectural styles. With so much shopping and dining nearby, you’re likely to meet several friendly faces while strolling down Cherokee Road. Although, with many of the homes valued at over $3 million, you may be too distracted to say “hello.” 

Hempstead Place

Hempstead Place is full of variety in terms of lot sizes, also offering a variety in architectural styles and beautiful landscaping. Many of the homes are so pristine and elegant, you’ll wonder if you’ve stumbled onto a movie set. 


Colville is the longest street in the neighborhood of Eastover and is lined with mature trees that create a nice canopy. The most inspiring homes are on the portion of Colville that sits between Randolph Road and Lockley Drive. 


stock photo of Elizabeth Neighborhood charlotte

Elizabeth Neighborhood

Another original streetcar suburb, historic Elizabeth is well-known for its walkability of an urban area with the warmth and relaxed energy of a close-knit suburban area. Walking trails, parks, coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, and more keep Elizabeth at the top of the list of desirable neighborhoods to both live in and visit. 

Elizabeth Avenue

The charming Elizabeth Avenue is lined with eateries of all kinds and other amenities but is so close to Uptown (just a short trolley ride away) that residents and visitors have nearly everything they could need or want at their fingertips. There’s so much to do on, or very near, Elizabeth Avenue that you could begin your day with breakfast and end it with live music without even leaving the area. Elizabeth Avenue itself is mostly commercial, but the Elizabeth neighborhood that surrounds it boasts historic residential architecture that ranges from bungalows to mansions. 

Clement Avenue

The Elizabeth neighborhood end of Clement Avenue begins at the foot of the quaint Independence Park and is a short five blocks long. Clement Avenue features both beautiful traditional homes with wide, welcoming porches and carefully maintained and lush landscaping, and cozy cottages that take you back in time. This stretch of the avenue is quiet, with a great canopy of mature trees and sidewalks that are perfect for evening strolls and dog walks. It's the perfect place to live if you enjoy plenty to do nearby while having a quiet place to retreat. 


stock photo of plaza midwood neighborhood

Plaza Midwood Neighborhood

The Plaza Midwood neighborhood is an eclectic hub that appeals to almost anyone. From historic architecture, galleries, and upscale dining to dive bars, live music, and vintage shops, Plaza Midwood offers every indulgence and convenience within walking distance. 

The Plaza

Within the Plaza Midwood neighborhood is The Plaza: the main residential road that’s filled with beautiful landscaping and historic architecture. In fact, residents on The Plaza will open up their homes every year for the Charlotte Homes Tour to satisfy curious minds about these eye-catching homes and their unique interiors. The Plaza is also home to plenty to do, with restaurants, shops, bars, and more, making this area one of the most walkable in Charlotte. 


Ready to Make Your Visit More Permanent?

We all have those places that evoke a, “Wow! I could live here!” It’s easy to see why so many people move to Charlotte every day. If you’re one of the many that are drawn to the architecture and charm of these beautiful and magnetic neighborhoods, trust your new Charlotte home to a remodeler that can share your vision. 

Hopedale Builders has served the city of Charlotte for over two decades, turning dream homes into the perfect fit. With a keen understanding of its charming architecture and unmatched craft, Hopedale Builders is the premier remodeler and custom home builder you’ve been looking for. Contact Hopedale Builders to schedule a consultation, and let’s turn “I could live here” to “welcome home.” 


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