The Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC to Invest in a Remodel

The Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC to Invest in a Remodel

Charlotte, North Carolina, is notable for so many reasons. Charlotte has unbeatable charm, a wealth of sports, excellent schools, outdoor adventures, and an overall elevated quality of life for anyone who lives here. What else does Charlotte offer

So many fantastic neighborhoods to live in, that it’s impossible to choose without some guidance. We’re here to help you decide which Charlotte neighborhood is the best for you. Already live in one of these stellar neighborhoods? Well, read on to learn why you should remodel instead of move


What are the Best Charlotte Neighborhoods? 


This upscale neighborhood is one of the most sought-after areas of Charlotte by homeowners, also making it a neighborhood you won’t want to leave if you already own a home here. Besides the area being a high-end shopping mecca (Southpark Mall), there’s also entertainment, dining, and a range of architecture spanning several decades.

Southpark is one of the best places to live in Charlotte for its high level of safety and excellent school system. Many of Southpark’s highly ranked schools are in perfectly walkable areas that are well manicured and brimming with both newly built homes and classic architecture. The more tucked-away areas are wooded with tree-lined streets, while the semi-urban areas make access to shopping and dining a breeze. 

A tell-tale sign that you should either buy a home or build a custom home in Southpark or remodel the home you’re already in is the influx of young families and professionals moving to the area. With so many different types of architecture available in this luxurious Charlotte suburb, it’s easy to find a place to call your own if you’re looking to buy a home here. Spend your weekends enjoying a live performance at Symphony park, dining at one of the many restaurants nearby, and perusing unique boutiques.  



Lansdowne is one of the best places in North Carolina to live, offering a dense suburban environment that offers a great sense of community. It’s no wonder that this area is also very attractive to families because the schools are well above average in ranking and it’s located near Charlotte’s most well-loved private schools. 

Lansdowne also has a large number of mid-century homes, with vaulted ceilings, those coveted open floor plans, expansive windows, and low-slung facades. These homes have a timeless coolness to them that are perfect for updating to modern-day energy-efficient conveniences. Not to mention, with how much home and land you can get for your investment, you’ll have plenty of room for your family to grow, host special occasions, or just enjoy your spacious abode. 


Beverly Woods

Living in Beverly Woods offers the best of both worlds: spacious suburban living within only a few miles of the hustle and bustle of urban Southpark. That doesn’t mean Beverly Woods doesn’t have its own offerings, like a variety of restaurants and parks, but it does mean that this inviting neighborhood is within a short distance of Symphony Park. 

Aside from the large wooded lots and generous canopies of oak trees, the school system is highly rated. It’s no wonder most residents own their homes. Whether you are looking for the best neighborhood in Charlotte for you and your family, or you already live in Beverly Woods, investing in your home here is an investment in your quality of life. 



The Mountainbrook area is rated as one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Charlotte and it’s no surprise why that is. Mountainbrook is a favorite of residents of all ages for its beautiful rolling hills and architecture to match. The landscape is hillier than the rest of Charlotte, which also offers calming streams and hillside views.  

The lots in this popular Charlotte neighborhood are usually wooded and on the larger side, offering plenty of space for outdoor activities, expanding on your home, or building a custom home. Mountainbrook also boasts a highly ranked school system. On the weekends, meet your neighbors at the neighborhood club to swim, play tennis, or any of its other activities. 


Park Crossing

Park Crossing is one of the best places to live in Charlotte for anyone who likes to have a nearly-endless list of activities to dive into every week. Whether you prefer to spend your time dining in fantastic restaurants and shopping or exploring parks and biking on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, Park Crossing will keep you entertained and happy. 

Besides its wealth in activities, Park Crossing is also known for its sense of community, which is likely due to the ability for neighbors to partake in so many fun pastimes together and the fact that so many residents own their homes. Residents also enjoy a highly ranked school system and easy access to great healthcare.  

In addition to everything you can do in Park Crossing year-round, the neighborhood is also known for its seasonal events. Finally, the Park Crossing Recreation Club is home to a swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts, a playground, and youth programs. 

If you’re looking for the best neighborhood in Charlotte for an active social life, outdoorsy opportunities, and stylish-but-timeless architecture, you’ve found it.  



For a taste of the quiet life, Carmel is the Charlotte neighborhood for you. Carmel is one of Charlotte’s best places to live and attracts residents of all ages. In and around Carmel, you’ll find it easy to fill your time with dining, parks, and the famous Quail Hollow Golf Course. 

If golf isn’t exactly your thing, settle in at the Carmel Country Club. You’ll enjoy an impressive aquatic center, tennis, and a variety of dining in the clubhouse. Membership is a hot commodity, so if you’re looking to buy a home in the Carmel neighborhood, make sure to get on the waiting list asap. 

Families with children, or if you plan to grow your family, you’ll find comfort in knowing that the school system in Carmel ranks among the highest.


Are You Ready To Invest in a Charlotte Home?

Charlotte neighborhoods have a lot to offer! When you make the decision to invest in a home in one of Charlotte’s prized neighborhoods, build a custom home, or to invest in remodeling your current Charlotte home, you’ll want an established home builder that cares about your experience

Hopedale Builders prioritize using creativity and expertise to exceed expectations, every time. We make sure to center our client’s vision throughout the entire project and our results reflect that principle. Contact award-winning Hopedale Builders to schedule a consultation and start the conversation about investing in one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC.

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