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14 Best Private Schools in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, NC, is renowned for its diverse educational landscape, especially when it comes to private schooling. Families in Charlotte have access to a wide range of private schools that excel in academic performance, each offering unique programs tailored to various learning styles and interests. As Charlotte's premier purveyor of high-end custom homes and remodels, Hopedale Builders understands how important your child's future is, so we've compiled a list of the best private schools in Charlotte. 

From institutions with rigorous traditional curriculums to those specializing in specific educational needs, the city caters to all students. Parents often wonder how these schools stack up in terms of academic achievements, what specialized programs are available, and the breadth of extracurricular activities offered. This exploration into Charlotte's private schools will shed light on these questions, showcasing why the city is considered a beacon of educational excellence.

What Are the Top Private Schools in Charlotte, NC?


1. Providence Day School K-12

Providence Day School is renowned for its commitment to developing global citizens through a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, emphasizing global education to prepare students for the complexities of the modern world. The school's dedication to excellence is mirrored in the Providence Day Tuition, ensuring access to top-notch facilities and a broad range of extracurricular activities. Its diverse community fosters a culture of inclusivity and respect, making it a top choice for families.


2. Charlotte Latin School K-12

Charlotte Latin School fosters a love of learning and respect for others, with a rigorous academic program complemented by strong arts and athletics programs. It stands as one of the best private schools in NC, emphasizing character education in every aspect of student life. The school's vibrant campus life encourages students to explore their interests and talents fully.


3. Charlotte Christian School K-12

Charlotte Christian School offers a Christ-centered education, nurturing students' spiritual, intellectual, and physical development. Known for its academic excellence and Charlotte Christian Tuition, the school provides a supportive community where students are encouraged to thrive. Graduates leave well-prepared for higher education and life's moral and ethical challenges.


4. Charlotte Country Day School K-12

Charlotte Country Day School is acclaimed for its rigorous academics and extensive extracurricular programs, preparing students for college and beyond. The school's commitment to diversity and Charlotte Country Day Tuition reflects its dedication to educational excellence and accessibility. Its global education program broadens students' perspectives and prepares them for leadership in a global society.


5. Trinity Episcopal School K-12

Trinity Episcopal School offers a well-rounded education with a focus on service learning, fostering responsibility and leadership. Its inclusive community and emphasis on spiritual growth make it a unique educational environment in Charlotte. The school's innovative curriculum encourages critical thinking and creative problem-solving.


6. St. Matthew's Catholic School K-5

St. Matthew's Catholic School provides a nurturing environment focused on academic excellence and moral development. It emphasizes a curriculum that integrates faith and learning, preparing students for a lifetime of service and leadership. Small class sizes ensure personalized attention for each student, fostering a love of learning early on.


7. St. Gabriel's Catholic School K-5

St. Gabriel's Catholic School is dedicated to fostering academic excellence and spiritual growth in a supportive community. The school's vibrant arts and science programs complement its strong academic curriculum, encouraging students to explore their interests. St. Gabriel's commitment to service learning instills a sense of social responsibility in its students.


8. St. Ann's Catholic School K-5

St. Ann's Catholic School offers a rigorous academic program within a faith-based community, emphasizing respect, responsibility, and compassion. Its holistic approach to education nurtures both the intellectual and spiritual development of students. Extracurricular activities and community service projects enrich the educational experience, preparing students for lifelong success.


9. St. Patrick's Catholic School K-5

St. Patrick's Catholic School is known for its commitment to academic excellence and character education in a faith-filled environment. The school promotes a balanced education that includes arts, technology, and physical education. St. Patrick's fosters a close-knit community where students learn the importance of kindness and community service.


10. Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School 6-8

Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School focuses on the unique needs of middle school students, offering a rigorous academic program supported by spiritual growth. The transition from elementary to high school is smoothed by a supportive environment that values each student's individual journey. Holy Trinity's robust extracurricular offerings allow students to discover and develop new interests and talents.


11. Charlotte Catholic High School 9-12

Charlotte Catholic High School is celebrated for its strong academic programs, competitive athletics, and vibrant arts, all within a community of faith. The school's commitment to developing well-rounded individuals is evident in its graduates, who leave as compassionate leaders. Charlotte Catholic's extensive service programs underscore its mission to foster a sense of global responsibility.


12. Kent Academy K-12

Kent Academy offers a personalized learning experience that caters to the unique talents and interests of each student, making it a standout among Charlotte private schools. With a focus on innovation and creativity, Kent Academy prepares students for the challenges of the future. The academy's commitment to small class sizes ensures that each student receives individualized attention and support.


13. The Fletcher School K-12

The Fletcher School specializes in education for students with learning differences, providing a supportive environment where students achieve their full potential. Its individualized instruction approach allows students to thrive academically and socially. The Fletcher School's state-of-the-art resources and dedicated staff make it a leader in special education.


14. Cannon School

Cannon School is renowned for fostering leadership and ethical decision-making through a curriculum that includes STEAM, arts, and athletics. Its commitment to character education prepares students for success in a rapidly changing world. Cannon School's innovative programs and community service initiatives develop students who are ready to make a positive impact.


Choosing from Charlotte's Best in Educational Excellence 

The private schools in Charlotte, NC, stand out for their exceptional academic programs and commitment to student development. They not only boast high academic performance but also offer specialized programs for a broad spectrum of learners, ensuring every child finds a path that suits them. The extracurricular opportunities available at these schools, from athletics to arts, further enhance the educational experience, allowing students to cultivate their interests and talents.

Ultimately, choosing a private school in Charlotte means investing in a well-rounded education that prepares students for success beyond the classroom. If you're ready to invest in your forever home as well as your child's future, contact Hopedale Builders to remodel your Charlotte home to fit your exact needs. We can't wait to make your Charlotte home as prestigious as the private schools on our list!


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